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About This Site

The Aero Warriors site primarily concerns itself with two of the most unusual automobiles ever produced and sold by United States auto makers, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperBird. This site was created to bring information about the cars to the Web through presentation of existing information as well as original research. The Aero Warriors site first appeared on the World Wide Web as the Winged Warriors Web Page on June 12, 1996, moving to the domain in the Fall of 1996.

During the Summer of 1997, the domain also became host to the official site of the Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association (WW/NBOA), one of two national clubs concerned with the preservation of the cars. The WW/NBOA moved to its own domain in February, 2001. The Aero Warriors site moved to its present domain,, in March, 2001.

Future plans call for the continual updating and expansion of the Aero Warriors site, although at a significantly slower pace than in its first few years of existence.

The domain logs thousands of "hits" a month from all over the world on its hundreds of pages, images and videos. The more than 500 MB of files constituting reside on servers located near Dayton, Ohio, USA.