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The Aero Warriors Quiz tests knowledge about the winged cars and related topics through the use of a multiple-choice type quiz. After the quiz is completed it may be submitted for grading, with a list of questions answered incorrectly being returned at that time (assuming there are any). It will then be possible to return to the quiz and re-answer those questions with incorrect responses. If and when all questions are answered correctly, your name, e-mail address, web page URL (if you choose to provide any or all of them) and number of questions selected will be added to the perfect scorers list.

The number of questions appearing on the quiz may be specified by entering a number in the input box. Any number of questions may be selected in a range from ten to 50. If no value is chosen, the default value of ten will be selected automatically.

The quiz is randomly generated from a question pool that now consists of approximately 150 questions. So, depending on the number of questions selected, it should be possible to take at least a couple quizzes before a large number of repeated questions are encountered.

To take the Aero Warriors Quiz,
enter the number of questions
and "press" the button