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Aero Warrior Reunion, 1994 was the first meeting of the winged cars at Talladega, Alabama in the '90s. Also in attendance were a large contingent of Fords and Mercurys, making this a truly memorable aero car event. The Reunion was capped-off by a lap around Alabama International Motorspeedway just prior to the running of a Winston Cup race. Aero Warrior Reunion, 1999 was the second meeting in Talladega during the '90s of the Chrysler aero cars and their Ford and Mercury counterparts. This gathering was the larger of the two Reunions, and it also concluded with a lap around the speedway prior to the Winston Cup race.
A Few Creative Thoughts Creative Industries of Detroit was responsible for much of the conversion work on the 1969 Dodge Daytona. Six photos taken outside a Creative facility highlight the information presented here. Annual Meeting, 1996 Ann Arbor, Michigan was the location for an especially memorable meeting of the Daytona-SuperBird Auto Club and the Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association. The highlight of the meet was a trip around the Chrysler Proving Grounds' 4.7 mile test oval.
At the Bonneville Salt Flats With Bobby Isaac and Harry Hyde Chrysler engineer George Wallace recounts his 1971 visit to the Bonneville Salt Flats with the K & K Insurance race team. Bobby Isaac piloted the team's #71 Dodge Daytona to 28 world land speed records over just four days. Accompanying Wallace's recollections are a number of very rare color photographs, as well as some color video. Cars And Drivers lists all known winged cars, drivers and car owners, as well as the number of cars probably used by each race team.
Chrysler Document Archive A collection of Chrylser Corporation race program documents dating from the 1960's and early 1970's. From The Kwiatkowski Collection comes an amazing set of racing related photos, some never before seen publicly, and two rare videos of racing Dodge Daytonas.
Lockheed Wind Tunnel Testing Chrysler's efforts to fit its test vehicles into a wind tunnel not built for full-size cars are documented here with several photographs. Magazine Index provides a listing of numerous magazine articles published over the last several years that may be of some interest to the Chrysler aero car enthusiast.
More Information serves as a starting point for those who wish to learn more about the aero cars. Topics briefly touched upon are: books, collectibles, events, links, magazines, museums, registries, reproduction parts, videos and winged car clubs. NASCAR Aero Wars Statistics This page provides race-by-race back-up information for the What Really Happened During The NASCAR Aero Wars (WRHDTNAW) article. You may want to review this work after reading the WRHDTNAW page.
1970 Dodge Charger Daytonas briefly recounts how these especially unusual winged cars came into being. Four Chrysler photos of one of the cars are included. 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona And The 1970 Plymouth SuperBird briefly recounts the events that brought the aero cars into existence, as well as those that conspired to end their time on the tracks.
Richard Petty Museum takes a look at the racing SuperBird in the museum, and supplies a little history on the car. Street SuperBird Specifications presents a variety of information about the street SuperBird, including body and drive train data, colors, standard/optional equipment and lots of other items of interest to the SuperBird enthusiast.
SuperBird Fender Tag Decoding provides basic information about how to interpret this important piece of documentation. The Best, The Worst And The Goofy provides a look at the aero car era through some rather subjective observations and opinions.
The G-Series Wind Tunnel Test Report page presents portions of a study conducted by Chrysler as part of their 1971 racing program research and development effort. This report reveals what Chrysler's 1971 aero cars might have looked like. The Little Engine That Almost Did looks at Mario Rossi's #22 Daytona, powered by a 305 Keith Black engine. This Daytona was the last winged car in NASCAR competition.
The N@50 Project - Winged Warriors If you have access to Papyrus' NASCAR Racing 2, NASCAR99 or NASCAR 50th Anniversary Edition and would be interested in acquiring a Daytona and SuperBird car set, then this page is for you! The Real #88 Chrysler Engineering Daytona! The #88 Chrysler Engineering Daytona, a winged car with a particularly rich history, has been found. Here, you can read about its history and how it was located, as well as see some photos of this incredible car.
The Scoop On The Scoops provides an in-depth look at the winged cars' fender scoops and presents some new evidence that calls Chrysler's tire clearance explanation into question. 200 MPH Record Run reports on Buddy Baker's attempt to be the first stock car driver to exceed 200 MPH on a closed course.
VIN Numbers looks at the Plymouth SuperBird NASCAR Race Program Serial Number List and discusses some errors found in it. Unless you have a copy of the list, this page probably won't be of much interest to you. What Really Happened During The NASCAR Aero Wars tries to take an objective look (more so than most sources, anyway) at just how well each of the aero car platforms did during the 1969 and 1970 NASCAR seasons.
Where Are They Now? takes a stab at figuring out how many racing and street winged cars were produced and how many might be around today. Winged Car Price Guide provides some guidelines for determining the value of the street Dodge Daytona and Plymouth SuperBird.
Wings At The '96 Nationals, Part 1 presents some good photos and interesting facts about a very rare prototype wing used in testing of the Dodge Charger Daytona. Wings At The '96 Nationals, Part 2 A few more photos from the '96 Nationals. Unless you are really into wings, you probably won't want to take the time to download this page.