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Cars And Drivers
By Ken R. Noffsinger

The purpose of this page is two-fold. First, it serves to list all known winged car drivers and their cars. Most of the Aero Warriors site is geared toward information relating to NASCAR, as it was (and still is) by far the largest, richest and most prestigious stock car racing series. A discussion of winged cars would not be complete, however, without recognizing the drivers and cars that spent some or all of their careers in other than NASCAR events. Second, presenting all car and driver combinations in this concise format facilitates arriving at the total number of cars produced.

Driver Car Car # Car Owner Sanctioning
Bobby Allison Daytona 22 Mario Rossi NASCAR 3r -
Buddy Arrington Daytona 5 Buddy Arrington NASCAR 1 -
Buddy Baker Daytona 6 Cotton Owens NASCAR 3 -
Buddy Baker Daytona 86 Neil Castles NASCAR 1c -
Buddy Baker Daytona 88 Chrysler Test
1t -
Gary Bettenhausen Daytona 6 - USAC 1 -
Larry Berwanger Daytona 16 - USAC 1 -
Lem Blankenship SuperBird 77 Ramo Stott ARCA - 1s
Geoff Bodine Daytona - - USAC 1 -
Dick Bown SuperBird 02 Mike Ober NASCAR - 1
Richard Brickhouse SuperBird 14 Bill Ellis NASCAR - 1
Richard Brickhouse Daytona 88 Bill Ellis NASCAR 1 -
Driver Car Car # Car Owner Sanctioning
Richard Brickhouse Daytona 99 Nichels Engineering NASCAR 3ne -
Dick Brooks Daytona 22 Mario Rossi NASCAR 1r -
Dick Brooks SuperBird 32 Dick Brooks NASCAR - 1
Neil Castles Daytona 06 Neil Castles NASCAR 1c -
Verlin Eaker Daytona - - USAC 1 -
Ray Elder Daytona 96 Fred Elder NASCAR 1e -
Ray Elder Daytona - Fred Elder USAC 1e -
Joe Frasson Daytona 18 Joe Frasson NASCAR 1 -
Freddy Fryar Daytona 14 Bill Ellis NASCAR 1 -
Charlie Glotzbach Daytona 88 Chrysler Test
1t -
Charlie Glotzbach Daytona 99 Nichels-
NASCAR 3ne -
Dan Gurney SuperBird 42 Petty Enterprises NASCAR - 3p
Driver Car Car # Car Owner Sanctioning
Pete Hamilton SuperBird 40 Petty Enterprises NASCAR - 2p
Bob Harkey Daytona 26 - USAC 1m -
Butch Hartman Daytona 75 Dick Hartman USAC 1 -
Butch Hirst SuperBird 36 Richard Brown NASCAR - 1b
James Hylton Daytona 48 Hylton Engineering NASCAR 1h -
Bobby Isaac Daytona 71 K&K Insurance NASCAR 3 -
Dale Jett Daytona 26 - USAC 1m -
Kelvin Jones SuperBird 32 - Winston
- 1
Ron Kesolowski Daytona 88 Chrysler Test
1t -
Fred Lorenzen Daytona 4 Ray Fox NASCAR 1f -
Fred Lorenzen Daytona 28 Ray Fox &
Richard Howard
Tiny Lund Daytona 55 John McConnell NASCAR 1 -
Driver Car Car # Car Owner Sanctioning
Jim Malloy Daytona 26 - USAC 1m -
Dave Marcis Daytona 30 Milt Lunda &
Dave Marcis
Roy Mayne SuperBird 36 Richard Brown NASCAR - 1b
Roger McCluskey SuperBird 1 Norm Nelson NASCAR/
- 1n
Roger McCluskey SuperBird 3 Norm Nelson USAC - 1p
Jack McCoy Daytona 7 Ernie Conn NASCAR 1 -
Bud Moore Daytona 1 - - 1 -
Norm Nelson SuperBird 2 Norm Nelson USAC - 1p
Norm Nelson SuperBird 41 Norm Nelson USAC - 1n
Terry Nichels Daytona - - USAC 1 -
Jim Paschal SuperBird 43 Petty Enterprises NASCAR - 3p
Richard Petty SuperBird 43 Petty Enterprises NASCAR - 3p
Driver Car Car # Car Owner Sanctioning
Talmadge Prince Daytona 78 Hodges-Prince NASCAR 1h -
Marty Robbins Daytona 42 Marty Robbins NASCAR 1 -
John Sears Daytona 4 - - 1 -
John Soares SuperBird 08 - NASCAR/
- 1
Bugs Stevens SuperBird 36 Richard Brown NASCAR - 1b
Ramo Stott SuperBird 7 Ramo Stott NASCAR/
- 1s
Ramo Stott SuperBird 47 Ramo Stott USAC - 1s
Ramo Stott SuperBird ? Ramo Stott USAC - 1s
Don Tarr SuperBird 36 Richard Brown NASCAR - 1b
Don Tarr Daytona 37 Don Tarr NASCAR 1 -
Don Tarr Daytona 99 - - 1 -
Kevin Terris SuperBird 32 Gary Sigman NASCAR - 1
Driver Car Car # Car Owner Sanctioning
Dick Tobias Daytona - - USAC 1 -
Sal Tovella SuperBird 8 - USAC - 1st
Sal Tovella SuperBird 11 - USAC - 1st
Sal Tovella SuperBird 37 - USAC - 1st
Bobby Unser SuperBird 5 - USAC - 1
Jim Vandiver Daytona 31 Vandiver Brothers &
O. L. Nixon
Earl Wagner Daytona - - USAC 1 -
Frank Warren Daytona 79 - - 1 -
Bobby Watson Daytona 8 - ARCA 1 -
Dave Whitcomb Daytona 8 Howard Racing Enterprises USAC 1 -
Don White Daytona 3 - USAC 1ne -
Don White Daytona 93 Nichels Engineering NASCAR 1ne -
Gary Wroan SuperBird - - USAC - 1
TOTAL 42 17
Special thanks to the Milwaukee Auto Racing Historical Society for their contributions to this table.

1. This almost certainly is not a complete list of racing Daytonas and SuperBirds. There were simply too many small tracks in too many different places to keep track of every racer that might have bolted a wing onto a Dodge or Plymouth and called it a Daytona or a SuperBird. Also, the records (as well as the media coverage) of the smaller sanctioning bodies were not as comprehensive as NASCAR's, so it is often times more difficult to find documentation about these smaller organizations and their drivers and cars.

2. An assumption has been made for each of the drivers as to the total number of cars available for their use. The larger teams were known to have several winged cars in their stable, to allow for flexibility in their car set-ups and as insurance against accidents where a car was seriously damaged or destroyed. It is assumed here that these "factory" teams generally had two or three winged cars per driver over a season. A majority of the drivers, however, were independent and it is thought that they had only one car at any given time. These assumptions are the biggest determinant as to this table's final estimate of total cars produced, and unfortunately, may have a high likelihood of being erroneous.

3. For the purposes of this table, an individual car receives and maintains an identity because of its basic physical framework (i. e. chassis/roll cage). As such, although a particular chassis may wear different sheet metal, paint, numbers, and even have different car owners, it is considered one car for the purposes of this exercise. Of course, this "definition" of a car is rather arbitrary and at times less than perfect. For example, when is there so little left of a chassis/roll cage, due to major accidents and re-skinning, that the original car becomes another car, or does it ever?

4. It is likely that at least a few winged cars, after outliving their usefulness on the NASCAR tracks, were sold and relegated to duty on other circuits such as USAC and ARCA. This change of venue is generally harder to document than the sale of cars (as well as their re-skinning) within the NASCAR ranks. As such, the total number of cars shown here might well be inflated because one car may have been mistaken for more.

5. Numbers found in the "Used" categories with identical lower case letters or sets of letters are assumed to be the same car and are therefore included in the car total only once. As an example, Ramo Stott is listed five times in the table, because at one time or another his car carried each of the five numbers listed in the table. It is known that Ramo Stott actually had only one car, so even though there were five different numbers, there was still only one car. Each of the five entries in the "SuperBirds Used" column carries the same lower case letter, "s". As such, Ramo is credited in the SuperBird total with one car, as opposed to five if each of the five entries were included. Where different numbers have the same letters or sets of letters, the larger number is the one used in arriving at the car total. In the case of Petty Enterprises, Richard Petty was assumed to have three cars and Pete Hamilton two. Dan Gurney and Jim Paschal both drove Petty Enterprises cars in one race, and it is reasonable to believe that these cars were among the five credited to Petty and Hamilton. As such, they are not included in the count, although Hamilton's two cars are added to Richard's three to arrive at the total number of cars available to Petty Enterprises. This rarely discussed topic was touched upon very briefly by Mopar Muscle Magazine in their interview with Richard Petty in the February/March, 1993 issue:

      "MM: When you were driving the SuperBird, how many cars did
      you have?
      RP: I think two. Pretty sure I had two.... Well, we had a 
      third one but we crashed it at Darlington, so we wound up 
      building another one."

Petty uses "I" initially when answering, but changes to "we" later in his response. This calls into question whether he was speaking about three cars for both his and Pete Hamilton's use, or whether he was speaking about cars built and set aside exclusively for his use. It is also unclear whether Petty and Hamilton ever rotated or swapped cars during the season.

6. N/A means "not applicable". A hyphen indicates that this information is not yet known by the author. A question mark indicates that there is some doubt about the correctness or completeness of the information.

7. Car owner names which are hyphenated indicate dual ownership, while car owner names with "&" indicate a succession of owners.

8. The table will be under continual updating as new information is gathered.