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More Information
By Ken R. Noffsinger

The list of resources that follow is not intended to be comprehensive, but should serve as a reasonable starting point for those who want to learn more.


There are a significant number of books available about the Chrysler and Ford aero cars. Probably the best (at least for the Chrysler cars) is Supercars - The Story of the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth SuperBird by Frank Moriarty.This excellent book offers in-depth discussions and fascinating photographs about the development and production of the Chrysler Aero Warriors - it is a "must have" for any Chrysler winged car fan.

Searches at online resources such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Classic Motorbooks and SpeedWay Motorbooks should yield many books of interest to the aero car enthusiast.


As the popularity of Chrysler musclecars and NASCAR has increased over the last several years, the memorabilia and collectible market has kept pace. Auto show swap meets are flooded with these items, as are racing and musclecar magazines. Among the dealers which always seem to have some unusual winged car items is Art's Toys and Hobbies. According to his catalog, Art will "buy, sell, trade new and discontinued models, dealer promos, Road Runner and Chrysler memorabilia." If you are looking for that rare 1970 Richard Petty record album with the great SuperBird close-ups, Art will probably have it. Art can be reached at:

Art's Toys and Hobbies
PO Box 248
Bainbridge, PA 17502
(717) 426-1248
9 am - 10 pm EST, 7 Days A Week

Die Casts

For those wishing to own winged cars without writing six figure checks, die cast models can be a very affordable alternative. A number of manufacturers have recently or are currently offering 1969 Dodge Daytonas and 1970 Plymouth SuperBirds in various scales.

As of this writing, Eagle Collectibles, Ertl, Hot Wheels and Playing Mantis are among those producing winged car die casts. Eagle Collectibles has a particularly large selection. Ertl's 1:18 Daytonas have been in production for many years, and their much anticipated 1:18 Plymouth SuperBirds will be here very soon. Racing Champions and the Franklin Mint sold winged die casts at one time, and they (as well as many new die casts) can often be found at car shows and swap meets, as well as on Internet die cast sites and at auction establishments such as eBay and Yahoo.


Hundreds of car shows are held in the United States throughout the year. Many of these have winged cars in attendance. The events below are among the best attended Chrysler shows in the country.

The MOPAR Nationals is the largest Chrysler event in the world, and many winged cars are always in attendance. Besides the cars themselves, the flea market has a wealth of winged car related memorabilia, publications and parts. The next MOPAR Nationals will be held August 8-10, 2003 in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, contact MOPAR Nationals, Inc., PO Box 2303, Dearborn, MI 48123-2303. Phone (313) 278-2240 or fax (313) 493-4700.

Chryslers at Carlisle will be held July 9-11, 2004 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is a relatively new event that is getting better each year. Aero Warriors will almost certainly make an appearance.

The Chrysler Classic at National Trail Raceway outside of Columbus, Ohio is becoming one of the best shows in the mid-west. It will be held May 15-17, 2004 and a few winged cars almost always make an appearance. For more information, contact Classic Events, PO Box 14327, Columbus, OH 43214. Phone (614) 268-1181 or fax (614) 268-1141.

Heminet's Mopar Events page lists a number of activities that will be of interest to the Chrysler enthusiast.


The following links are to (1) miscellaneous Internet sites that have winged car information or (2) sites that have specifically requested inclusion in the Aero Warriors site:

The search engines found below offer the opportunity to find aero car related links (or anything else for that matter):


Each of the magazines listed below offer items of interest to Chrysler auto and truck enthusiasts. Articles about the winged cars appear occasionally. In some cases, back issues still available are indexed for the reader in current issues. An index of articles of interest to winged car enthusiasts, including writings from the periodicals listed below, can be found in the Magazine Index page. An excellent source of older auto magazines (and other vintage auto literature) is Walter Miller.

Chrysler Car Enthusiast Engines Etc. R. H. O. Publications, Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Chrysler Power and Performance MOPARS. CPO Publishing, Duarte, California.

Chrysler Quarterly. C. N. T. Unlimited, Columbus, Ohio.

Hemmings Motor News. Watering, Inc., Bennington, Vermont. Several winged cars (and thousands of other cars and related items) are usually found for sale in this monthly publication.

High Performance MOPAR. CSK Publishing Co., Inc., Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

MOPAR Action. Harris Publications, Inc., New York, New York.

MOPAR Collector's Guide. MCG Publishing, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

MOPAR Muscle. Dobbs Publishing Group, Inc., Lakeland, Florida.

Musclecar Review. Dobbs Publishing Group, Inc., Lakeland, Florida.

Stock Car Racing. Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Stock Car Racing Magazine hit the presses in the mid-1960s, and has chronicled NASCAR racing at all levels since that time. Issues from the late sixties and early seventies have a wealth of information about the winged cars. Recent editions of Stock Car Racing have, from time to time, presented topics of interest to the Aero Warrior faithful.


International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum - Talladega, Alabama

One of Bobby Isaac's #71 Dodge Daytonas resides here, as well as what is supposed to be the #88 Chrysler Engineering Daytona that Buddy Baker drove while breaking the 200 MPH barrier on March 24, 1970. The museum has many more auto and auto related displays, making a very interesting stop for any auto racing fan. The museum can be contacted at (205) 362-5002.

National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame and Joe Weatherly Museum - Darlington, South Carolina

One of the #6 Daytonas that Buddy Baker drove in 19 events, including to victory in the 1970 Southern 500, can be found here. This excellent facility has many other auto racing exhibits of interest to all racing fans. This museum can be contacted at (803) 393-2103.

Richard Petty Museum - Randleman, North Carolina

Hundreds of items on display document "King" Richard Petty's career in NASCAR racing, including a #43 racing SuperBird A "must see" for Petty and Aero Warrior fans. The museum can be contacted at (919) 495-1143.


The Daytona Racing Archives have a large selection of Chrysler aero car photos (and thousands of other racing car pic's) available for purchase.

Daytona Racing Archives
1801 West International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 947-6717

Frank Kierzek photographed many cars and drivers at the Milwaukee Mile from 1969 to 1977. His son Tom is making many of these photos (including several winged car shots) available for purchase. Contact Tom for a list of cars and drivers, size and pricing information.

Tom Kierzek
1304 Jefferson St.
West Bend, WI 53090
Phone: (262) 335-2411

Reel Racing Photos maintains a large library of racing photos that are available for sale, including several of the winged cars and their drivers.

Reel Racing Photos
16305 Morse Street
Lowell, IN 46356


In addition to the registry information in the Daytona-SuperBird Auto Club and the Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association archives, Galen Govier maintains a wealth of information about the winged cars, including comprehensive NASCAR and Chrysler registries. Galen is also the acknowledged authority on the decoding of VIN, fender tag and broadcast sheet information for all MOPARS. He can be reached at:

Galen V. Govier
Route 1 Box 322K
Dept. 149857
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821-9801
Web Site: GTS Home Page
(608) 326-6346 Voice
(608) 326-8061 FAX

David J. Patik (see the "Books" section above) also maintains a substantial winged car registry.

Reproduction Parts

Both the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth SuperBird share many of the same parts with the basic Charger and Road Runner platforms from which they evolved. As such, many of these components are "common", and can be found through many of the routinely available parts channels. When it comes to such unusual parts as wings and noses, however, its a different story. For those that can't find and/or afford the really rare winged car pieces, there are a few sources that may make it possible for that prized winged wonder to see the road (or the trailer).

Dayclona manufactures a number of winged car parts, including some based on Chrysler designs that never went into production. E-mail Dayclona at or call Mike Goyette at 508-977-0680 or Gary Beineke at 781-784-1353.

Gene Gregory reproduces a number of Daytona and SuperBird parts in steel. He can be reached at:
Alhambra Custom Services
PO Box 235
Alhambra, IL 62001
(618) 488-7941

Jack McGaughey Enterprises, Inc. offers a selection of reproduction winged car parts in steel. Jack can be contacted at:
2682 New Hope Rd.
Dacula, GA 30019-7608
Phone: (770) 277-8086

Ted and Carol Janak manufacture a number of reproduction Daytona and SuperBird parts in fiberglass. They can be contacted at:
6511 Elmgrove
Spring, TX 77389
(281) 379-2828


Several vendors offer video tapes (made from film) of winged cars in action on the tracks or on the streets.

A wide variety of auto show tapes are available from Five-Star, including the Daytona-SuperBird Auto Club - Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association annual meetings held over the last several years. A list of tapes is available free.

Five-Star Productions
31230 Lahser Road
Beverly Hills, MI 48025
(248) 646-6391 Voice
(248) 647-9667 FAX

Classic Video of Milwaukee, WI has several vintage auto racing tapes in their inventory, including highlights from USAC stock car racing at the Milwaukee Mile. Of particular interest to the winged car fan would be the 1968 - 1972 highlights tape, which has a lot of excellent footage of the winged cars. It's well worth the $24.95! You can view some samples of the 1968 - 1972 highlights tape on the USAC Video page.

Classic Video of Milwaukee, WI
W224 S10350 Big Bend Dr.
Big Bend, WI 53103
(262) 662-9585

Dick Wallen Racing Videos - This video source has many racing films, with a few winged cars making appearances.

Rare Sportsfilms offers a variety of vintage racing tapes, including some excellent footage of the winged cars. For a complete list, contact them at the address below. All of their videos are presently available for purchase at $24.95 each, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. You can also get more info on tapes as well as view some samples from Rare Sportsfilms on the NASCAR Video page.

Rare Sportsfilms
1126 Tennyson Lane
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 527-8890
Winged Car Clubs

Both the Daytona-SuperBird Auto Club and the Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association maintain an impressive archive of winged car related information.