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By Ken R. Noffsinger

The video captures presented here are done so with the express permission of Rare Sportsfilms, and are a small part of an extensive library of vintage sports footage available for purchase. Detailed information about available videos is found here.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) sanctioned a majority of the events where Dodge Charger Daytonas and Plymouth SuperBirds competed during 1969 and 1970. The video captures that follow offer a glimpse into NASCAR history when the cars were a lot more "stock" than they are now and Chrysler and Ford were in an all out battle for dominance on the tracks.

A 16 MB zip file of all MPEG videos found on this page is available for download. Where a video comes in both 176x112 and 352x240 pixel sizes, the zip package will contain only the larger 352x240 pixel capture.

Charlie Glotzbach
On The Pole
American 500
Oct 26, 1969
MPEG 352x240 (5.50MB)
Download Time: 26 min+

MPEG 176x112 (1.23MB)
Download Time: 5 min+

Viewing Time: 38 sec
Bobby Allison
American 500
Oct 26, 1969
MPEG 352x240 (3.52MB)
Download Time: 16 min+

MPEG 176x112 (795K)
Download Time: 3 min+

Viewing Time: 24 sec
Various Drivers
Motor Trend 500
Jan 18, 1970
[Download 4 Second Sample]
MPEG 352x240
Download Not Available

MPEG 176x112 (2.38MB)
Download Time: 11 min+

Viewing Time: 76 sec

Richard Petty
Falstaff 400
June 14, 1970
[Download 4 Second Sample]
MPEG 352x240
Download Not Available

MPEG 176x112 (1.79MB)
Download Time: 8 min+

Viewing Time: 57 sec
Various Drivers
National 500
Oct 11, 1970
[Download 4 Second Sample]
MPEG 352x240
Download Not Available

MPEG 176x112 (1.78MB)
Download Time: 8 min+

Viewing Time: 57 sec
Bobby Isaac
1970 Grand National Champ
Talks About National 500
MPEG 352x240
Download Not Available

MPEG 176x112 (1.69MB)
Download Time: 8 min+

Viewing Time: 44 sec

Downloading And Viewing
  • Video Capture File Type/File Size - The videos presented here are in MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) file format. Recent releases of the popular Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer browsers include MPEG viewers, so in most cases viewing should be no more complicated than downloading the file and adjusting a few simple controls on the viewer. The Windows 95 operating system normally includes the Microsoft ActiveMovie viewer which can be used if an MPEG viewer is not included with the browser you are using. If you find that you do not have an MPEG viewer with either your browser or as part of your operating system, several are available for download from these sources:
    The video captures are available here in one or two sizes. The 352x240 pixel capture, because of its relatively large size, presents a fairly detailed image. And because it is so large, the download time is significantly greater than for the smaller 176x112 pixel file (the size of the thumbnails above). If you have a high speed Internet connection (T1 or T3 lines, or perhaps ISDN), the larger 352x240 capture size may well be for you. If, however, you are using a 56K connection or less (by far the most common in homes), then the smaller 176x112 capture would probably be the better choice. A four second viewing time "sample" may be downloaded from those 1970 captures that do not offer the 352x240 file size (except for the Bobby Isaac video) by "clicking" on the thumbnail.

  • Download Time - Is an estimate based on the use of a typical 28.8K modem. If you are using a high speed Internet connection, your download time will likely be significantly less. If you are using a 28.8K modem or something similar, your download time may be noticeably greater, depending upon many things such as the capabilities of your Internet service provider and the amount of traffic on the Internet at that time.

  • Viewing Time - Is the total time the video "plays" when it is viewed on your computer.

    NOTE: Because of limitations in the technology used to create these video captures, as well as concessions made to accommodate limited file space and bandwidth, the quality of the videos found here is somewhat less than on "first-generation" videos that can be purchased from Rare Sportsfilms. Also, the sound track supplied by Rare Sportsfilms has been removed from the video captures presented here (the 1970 Bobby Isaac video does contain audio) due to file size, editing and continuity considerations. In addition, MPEG players vary in their ability to play videos. The performance of any given MPEG player is also dependent on your computer's performance characteristics. Lower performance computer users may see jumps or pauses where the player does not display all of the frames in the videos.

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Rare Sportsfilms

The titles listed below represent only a small portion of the huge library of videos available from Rare Sportsfilms. For a complete list, contact them at the address given below. All of these videos are presently available for purchase at $24.95 each, plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
  • 1951-1959 "Pioneers of Stock Car Racing" - 41 min.
  • 1952 Daytona Beach Race - 26 min.
  • 1956 Southern 500 - 29 min.
  • 1957 Southern 500 - 27 min.
  • 1958 Southern 500 & 1958 Daytona Beach Race - 41 min.
  • "From Sand To Speedway" (The story of the first Daytona 500) & 1959 Southern 500 - 54 min.
  • 1960 Daytona 500 & 1960 Southern 500 - 47 min.
  • 1961 Southern 500 - 30 min.
  • 1962 Atlanta 500 - 36 min.
  • 1962 Southern 500 - 28 min.
  • 1963 Atlanta 500 - 28 min.
  • 1963 Daytona 500 - 35 min.
  • 1963 Riverside 500 - 36 min.
  • 1963 Southern 500 - 29 min.
  • 1964 Firecracker 400 & 1964 Southern 500 - 41 min.
  • 1965 Southern 500 & "The Quickest Quiet One" (The Ned Jarrett story) - 51 min.
  • 1967 World 600 - 27 min.
  • 1969 Grand National Highlights - 42 min.
  • 1970 Grand National Highlights - 28 min.
  • 1971 Southern 500 - 27 min.
  • 1971 Winston 500 - 28 min.
  • 1972 "Thunder Highway" (Richard Petty and STP) - 29 min.
  • 1972 World 600 & "The Buddy Baker Story" - 49 min.
  • 1974 Daytona 500 - 24 min.
  • 1975 Daytona 500 - 23 min.
  • 1975 Winston 500 & 1975 Talladega 500 - 50 min.
  • 1978 Southern 500 - 37 min.
Rare Sportsfilmsnoff
1126 Tennyson Lane
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 527-8890

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