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Other Racing SuperBird Drivers

Many sources credit individuals with having driven Plymouth SuperBirds in ARCA, NASCAR and/or USAC. Most agree on the details they provide, thereby lending a certain level of credibility to each other and themselves through consensus. On the other end of the spectrum are the sources that are obviously in error - information they provide is dubious at best and can be disregarded immediately. The information discovered about the cars and drivers below falls somewhere in-between; it is incomplete, but has enough credibility to warrant being presented here. If and when more details are located about these cars and drivers, the Aero Warriors site will be updated to include them.

  • Eddie Meyer #55 - One source reported that Meyer was scheduled to compete in all four stock car races at Milwaukee in 1971, but for whatever reason, he did not. Meyer was further credited with an attempted start at the Indiana Fairgrounds sometime in 1971, but the car suffered from overheating problems and he was unable to start the race. Meyer was also reported to be the car owner.
  • Gary Wroan #? - A single source indicates that Wroan made an appearance at Milwaukee on September 10, 1972 where he finished 29th.