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#88 Racing Daytona

There is some disagreement among "experts" on whether the #88 racing Daytona owned by and displayed at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum at Talladega, Alabama is actually the Chrysler Engineering car that Buddy Baker drove through the 200 MPH barrier. Some feel that the car is in fact the "slow-speed" Chrysler test car that was originally a '68 Charger driven by Charlie Glotzbach. This test car is the red #71 seen in Chrysler photos taken on the high banks of the Chelsea Proving Grounds test track. The final two images on this page show some of the red paint (presumably from when the car was the red #71) which lies beneath the existing blue paint. Those comfortable in the belief that the #88 is as advertised don't find the red paint disconcerting, as one well known story about the origins of the #88 indicates that it started life as a street '69 Charger 500, which may well have been red.

Click on the image to see a larger version. The size of the larger version is found beneath each image. All 29 images on this page were collected in October, 1997.

Note: Since this page was added to the Aero Warriors site in 1997, the genuine #88 Daytona has been located. Specific details and several photos are available on The Real #88 Chrysler Engineering Daytona! page.

Driver's Side Passenger's Side Passenger's Side/Rear Front

Driver's Side Front Fender Driver's Side Rear Bumper Passenger's Side Rear Quarter Panel Driver's Side Cowl Area

Driver's Side Fender Scoop Driver's Side Door Handle Passenger's Side Exhaust Passenger's Side Wing Interior

Driver's Side Engine Compartment Driver's Side Engine Compartment Driver's Side Engine Compartment Passenger's Side Engine Compartment

Driver's Side Radiator Support Cover Hood Underside Front Interior From Driver's Side Front Interior From Passenger's Side

Lower Portion of Driver's Seat From Driver's Side Upper Portion of Driver's Seat From Driver's Side Passenger's Side Floor Area From Driver's Side Passenger's Side Door Area From Driver's Side

Rear End Cooler From Driver's Side Passenger's Side Trunk Wing Support Brackets Passenger's Side Trunk Lid Underside Passenger's Side Upper Dash Board Area - Red Paint

Driver's Side Vent Wing - Red Paint

The nine photos below were taken in October, 2005, and are courtesy of Robert Stiltner.

Passenger's Side Passenger's Side Wing - Driver's Side Inside Wing - Passenger's Side Inside

Driver's Side - Wing Adjuster Steering Wheel Sway Bar Front Valence Area

Underside at Rear