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Ramo Stott SuperBird

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September, 1997 September, 1997
September, 1997 Underside Of Hood, September, 1997
Engine Compartment, March, 1997 Engine Compartment, September, 1997
Engine Compartment, September, 1997 Inner Fender, March, 1997
Passenger Side Firewall, September, 1997 Passenger Side Suspension, September, 1997
Driver Side Suspension, September, 1997 Driver's Seat, March, 1997
Rear Interior, March, 1997 Passenger Door, March, 1997
Dash Board, March, 1997 Ignition On Passenger Side Floor, March, 1997
Rear End Cooler, March, 1997 Rear Window, March, 1997
Underside Of Trunk Lid, September, 1997 Wing Braces, September, 1997
Rear Leaf Spring Mount, September, 1997 Rear End, September, 1997
Wing Road Runner, July, 1997 Ramo Stott With His Racing SuperBird, July, 1994
Racing Winged Car Builder Ray Nichels With Racing SuperBird, June, 1995