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Videos From The Joe Machado Collection, Part 1
By Ken R. Noffsinger

Long time Mopar collector Joe Machado recently made several rare photos available for viewing on the Aero Warriors site. Along with these photos, Joe also provided a fascinating variety of film that he shot in the 1970's. Nine clips (in MPEG video format) are found below; nineteen more are located at Videos From The Joe Machado Collection, Part 2 and Videos From The Joe Machado Collection, Part 3.

A 26 MB zip file of all MPEG videos found on this page is available for download. Where a video comes in both 176x112 and 352x240 pixel sizes, the zip package will contain only the larger 352x240 pixel capture.

The World 600
Charlotte, North Carolina
May 24, 1970
Starting Field
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Viewing Time: 46 sec
May 24, 1970
Starting The Race
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Viewing Time: 69 sec
  • Starting Field - Here the 40 car field is on its way down pit lane just prior to the start of the 1970 World 600. Fourteen winged cars were in the field, including the rarely seen #36 Richard Brown Plymouth SuperBird, piloted in this event by Bugs Stevens.
  • Starting The Race - Several winged cars are seen here during a portion of the pace lap as well as in early laps of the race. Bobby Isaac was on the pole, eventually finishing seventh due to distributor problems. Donnie Allison, who was relieved late in the race by LeeRoy Yarbrough, was credited with the race win. Allison started in the ninth position in his Banjo Matthews '69 Ford Torino Talladega and pocketed $39,750 for the victory.
May 24, 1970
Bobby Allison
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Viewing Time: 22 sec
May 24, 1970
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MPEG 176x112
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Viewing Time: 13 sec
  • Bobby Allison - Outside pole sitter Bobby Allison ventilated his Hemi engine on lap seventeen, spinning the car and hitting the inside retaining wall. This clip shows the car speeding by in flames during a brief oil fire and then it is seen at rest against the retaining wall. Allison finished 39th, collecting $1,675 for his efforts.
  • Lorenzen/Glotzbach - After a three year lay-off, Fred Lorenzen made his return to stock car racing in this event. Fred was leading on lap 252 when he lost a motor, ending his day and laying down a lot of oil in front of Charlie Glotzbach. Lorenzen's return to stock car racing must have been less than he had hoped for, as he finished 24th. Glotzbach probably wished that Fred had stayed in retirement, as Chargin' Charlie's slide in Lorenzen's oil and his resultant collision with the wall earned him a 25th place finish.
May 28, 1971
Kevin Terris
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Viewing Time: 8 sec
May 29, 1971
Garage Area
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Viewing Time: 117 sec
  • Kevin Terris - Joe made the trip from California to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1971 as a member of Kevin Terris' pit crew. This video shows a small portion of Terris' unsuccessful qualifying run for the World 600. The Road Runner seen here started life as a '68 Satellite street car that was found abandoned in a Los Angeles airport parking lot. The car experienced several re-incarnations in its racing life, including a brief stint as a SuperBird which finished 38th at the Falstaff 400 on June 14, 1970.
  • Garage Area - Joe took some time to walk the garage on the day prior to the running of the 1971 World 600. This clip shows a little of what a typical NASCAR garage looked like in the early 70's. It's not nearly as spacious and well organized as the garage areas of today.
Many of the racing facts and figures on this page came from Greg Fielden's excellent multi-volume work, "Forty Years of Stock Car Racing".

Other Videos
August 9, 1975
The First National Owners Meet
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240 (6.84MB)
Download Time: 32.4 min+

MPEG 176x112 (1.17MB)
Download Time: 5.5 min+

Viewing Time: 36 sec
August 18, 1979
Chrysler Proving Grounds
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MPEG 352x240
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MPEG 176x112 (2.64MB)
Download Time: 12.5 min+

Viewing Time: 83 sec
  • The First National Owners Meet - This footage is thought to have been taken at the Kings Inn Motor Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama on August 9, 1975. If records were kept for such things, then this would probably be the largest group of winged car owners (thirteen) to ever sit on their wings in one place at one time. Plans called for the group to see the NASCAR race at Talladega the following day, but it was rained out. When the race was run eight days later, former winged car driver Tiny Lund lost his life in a crash. Joe got to this meet in Huntsville from California driving a Dodge Daytona!
  • Chrysler Proving Grounds - In 1979, the two largest winged car clubs made a trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan for their national meet. One of the most memorable aspects of the meet was a visit to the Chrysler Proving Grounds. This clip provides a glimpse of the Chelsea track as it appeared at that time. Footage like this is rather unique, as Chrysler normally does not allow filming in or around the test track.
May, 1970
Texas World Speedway
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MPEG 176x112 (2.56MB)
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Viewing Time: 80 sec
  • Texas World Speedway - Joe's '68 R/T Charger with a Daytona wing had the distinct honor of making a lap at Larry LoPatin's Texas World Speedway. Joe stopped by the College Station, Texas track while on vacation, ran into a track caretaker, and did a little fast-talking. The result of Joe's persuasive oratory can be seen here. Bobby Isaac, in his K&K Insurance Dodge Daytona, had won the last NASCAR Grand National race there several months before.

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