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Videos From The Joe Machado Collection, Part 2
By Ken R. Noffsinger

Long time Mopar collector Joe Machado recently made several rare photos available for viewing on the Aero Warriors site. Along with these photos, Joe also provided a fascinating variety of film that he shot in the 1970's. Seven clips (in MPEG video format) are found below; 21 more are located at Videos From The Joe Machado Collection, Part 1 and Videos From The Joe Machado Collection, Part 3.

A 9 MB zip file of all MPEG videos found on this page is available for download. Where a video comes in both 176x112 and 352x240 pixel sizes, the zip package will contain only the larger 352x240 pixel capture.

The Motor Trend 500
Riverside, California
January 18, 1970
Bobby Allison
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240
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MPEG 176x112 (1.01MB)
Download Time: 4.7 min+

Viewing Time: 31 sec
Ray Elder
[Download 352x240]
MPEG 352x240 (755K)
Download Time: 3.5 min+

MPEG 176x112
Download Not Available

Viewing Time: 3 sec
  • Bobby Allison - Most of the footage here is of Allison as he approached turn six. Bobby's fourth place start eventually turned into a thirteenth place finish, due primarily to bellhousing problems. He received $1,225 for his drive that day, enough for several new Hemi bellhousings.
  • Ray Elder - A brief glimpse of Ray Elder as he nears turn six is shown here. Elder was improving on his starting position of 36th when on lap 106 he had terminal engine problems. Ray finished 24th with $975 to put toward a Hemi rebuild. Elder would go on to win at Riverside in January of 1971 and June of 1972, his only career victories in NASCAR Grand National competition.
Dan Gurney
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240 (2.27MB)
Download Time: 10.7 min+

MPEG 176x112 (407K)
Download Time: 1.9 min+

Viewing Time: 11 sec
Dave Marcis
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240
Download Not Available

MPEG 176x112 (648K)
Download Time: 3.0 min+

Viewing Time: 19 sec
  • Dan Gurney - Seen here is the very end of a spin by pole sitter Dan Gurney, as well as a couple seconds in the pits. Gurney eventually finished sixth in what turned out to be his only drive in a SuperBird. This car was the Chrysler Engineering SuperBird test car, and is thought to have become one of the Petty Blue SuperBirds raced by Petty or teammate Pete Hamilton in 1970. It later went to Norm Nelson, and was eventually destroyed in a late '70s USAC race crash (its SuperBird sheet metal was of course long gone).
  • Dave Marcis - Dave Marcis managed a quick spin at some point in the race and Joe caught its aftermath here. Marcis is credited with crashing out of the race on lap 163, garnering a fourteenth place finish after a 20th place start. Dave's 162+ tours of Riverside got him $1,200.
Roger McCluskey
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240 (3.25MB)
Download Time: 15.4 min+

MPEG 176x112 (573K)
Download Time: 2.7 min+

Viewing Time: 17 sec
Jack McCoy
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240
Download Not Available

MPEG 176x112 (338K)
Download Time: 1.6 min+

Viewing Time: 9 sec
  • Roger McCluskey - McCluskey's fine second place finish signaled things to come, as he would go on to win more major events in a SuperBird than any other driver - six in USAC. McCluskey started thirteenth in his Norm Nelson owned SuperBird, led two laps, and captured $9,000 for his runner-up finish to A. J. Foyt. This was McCluskey's only NASCAR appearance in a winged car. The clip found here has a great shot of Roger at speed down the backstretch.
  • Jack McCoy - Jack's visit to Riverside in his Charger 500 resulted in a 37th place start and 30th place finish (due to an oil leak) after only 69 of the planned 193 laps. Ernie Conn owned the car and probably got some part of the $850 Jack won that day. McCoy would be back at Riverside in June, and this time his Dodge would be wearing a wing and pointy nose. Jack is seen here approaching turn six, sporting a light trail of oil smoke.
Richard Petty
[Download 176x112]
MPEG 352x240
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MPEG 176x112 (1.11MB)
Download Time: 5.2 min+

Viewing Time: 34 sec
  • Richard Petty - The King's debut in a car built to lure him back into the Chrysler camp was not an auspicious one. Starting sixth, Richard was able to manage only a fifth place finish after suffering from major engine problems. This footage shows Richard in and around turn six, where on one lap he slides into the guard rail. The $3,000 he won was probably not much consolation, given the high expectations that he and Chrysler had for their reunion. Things would be different in the June race.
Many of the racing facts and figures on this page came from Greg Fielden's excellent multi-volume work, "Forty Years of Stock Car Racing".

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